Monday, June 20, 2011

Chryss Yost is coming!

Chryss Yost will be featured at the Artist's Union Gallery
along with Barry Spacks (more on Mr. Spacks later) on
July 12, 2011. Here are two of Chryss Yost poems to read:

Lai with Sounds of Skin
Shall we dress in skin,our living linen?
Bone weft, pull of masculine into feminine,
the heft,the warp, weave and spin of carded days
in tightly-twisted thinyarns that we begin—like
wool like will, like has been,spoken to silken—to spool:
thick bolts of linen,skein to skin to skin.

Escaping from Autopia
but even leaving, longing to be back, to do again what
I did yesterday—I, Miss Highway, I couldn’t drive off track
or crash. I joined the candy-coated pack to follow yellow lines
and concrete, graybut even. Leaving. Longing to be back
beyond those lines, in other lines. Like smack these flashback
rides, E-ticket crack: You payyou have to stay. I couldn’t drive
off track, or spin to face my enemies’ attack.The road signs told
me “NOW LEAVING L.A.”but even leaving, longing to be back
to go again. I knew I had a knackfor getting there and going.
Child’s play, and anyway, I couldn’t drive off track, once
safety-strapped onto that strip of black. I couldn’t lose or
get lost on the way,but even leaving, longing to be back and
be okay. I couldn’t drive off track.

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