Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More on Doris

Doris Vernon may very well be the most generous
poet I know. I am among the scores of poets she's
welcomed into the fold - before we even knew what
we were getting into. She knew. Thank you Doris.
You are loved.


When he comes in sight
Your heart breaks its tether
And gallops across the landscape
Of your emotions
This isn’t love it is tachycardia
With arrhythmia
The disorder responds to digitalis.
You see shooting stars
Your head feels swimmy
When you think of him
It is not love
But classic signs of anemia
Try time-release iron tablets.
He comes to your side
You are giddy with happiness
He leaves you you are lethargic
With depression.
You are not experiencing love
It is bi-polar mood disorder
Ask your physician about lithium
It helps.
If your symptoms become acute
And your doctor is unavailable
Retreat to your bedroom
Lie quietly with a cold cloth
On your forehead.
When your heart calms itself
When all the stars have
Shot out of your heaven
Rise slowly
And resume normal activities.
Pray that no red roses
Have been delivered
To your doorstep
Or you shall surely
Experience a relapse.

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