Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presenting Eunice Kingsley

Eunice Kingsley is a performance artist

and a musician, as well as a lover of

human beings,art, poetry, and cats.

Especially cats.

Eunice has been a fixture of the Tuesday

Night Poets since 1993 when she came to

California from Long Island with her

husband, Neal. Eunice is a former librarian.

Her monologues explore the range of love,

animals, her marriage, and family.

You can find Eunice at the Artist's

Union Gallery on most Tuesday Nights

partaking one of Doris' homemade cookies

and reading her work. Eunice currently

lives in the Venturan Townhouse. She is

very happy. Here is a few of Eunice's monologues:

What I know

She sat talking with her mother

Mia said, "What I know is Dad needs to show

more love for me and Jake. All he does is

pretend to listen when we talk to him."

Mother bite her lip, "I will talk to Dad.

He's shy and over-worked at his job

But you are right."

When he came home she rubbed his neck

and held his hand and said, "Your boy

and girl love you and hope you listen

more than they tell you things."

Dad blushed and looked at her and said:

"Did they ask you to tell me that?"

"Yes" She said, "But I agree with them.

If you could manage 20% more interest

in them."

He put his arm around his wife and said:

"I know I need to do that. Tell them."

The children came in and Dad

got up and gave a hug to each

which thrilled and surprised them.

Stormy and Calm

As a small girl she watched the sky

change from calm and blue to gray

and rainy: in a stormy mood.

On the porch in town she asked her

brother "What made the storm?"

He replied "The weather isn't

just calm." She ran to ask her

sister "Is God angry when we

have a storm?" Her sister patted

her back and said "Nature and

people need water too." The

father said to his wife "Leah

asked a good question, didn't

she?" The rain poured down,

then the sun came while it

rained, which cheered Leah.

She smiled up at the sun.

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