Thursday, June 23, 2011

Presenting Florence Weinberger

Florence Weinberger is reading at the Artist's Union Gallery
Saturday, June 25 2011. The reading will be hosted by
Friday Lubina.

Florence Weinberger was born in 1932 in

New York City and raised in the Bronx.
Yiddish was her first language and writing
always her first passion. While working full
time for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
she tunneled her way through from the subway to
Hunter College, graduating with a BA in
English in 1956. She taught 3rd grade for one year
in Queens and liberated herself from its tyranny by
becoming pregnant and a stay-at-home mom. She moved
to California in 1959 with her husband and first child.
She returned to writing in the early 60's, taking
workshops with such teachers as Ann Stanford,
Ben Saltman, Jack Grapes, Peter Levitt and Kate
Braverman, entering and winning some contests and
producing two unpublished novels. Her first two poetry books,
The Invisible Telling Its Shape and Breathing Like a Jew,
appeared in 1997. Her latest book, Carnal Fragrance,
was published by Red Hen Press in fall of 2004.

You Dream About Eating An Egg

No one loved eggs the way you did.Ate your
way through dozens, soft-boiled and scrambled.
Taught your granddaughter how to spoon them out
of the shell.Ate them pure without salt or butter
or ham.Without guilt.Careful not to lose a drop
That's why your dream about the yolk spilling
out when you bit into the hot golden center of
the eggscared me to death.

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