Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presenting Gauvin

Gauvin showed up in Ventura in 1998 and
became known right away as a spoken word
and performance artist. The line blurs here
and gauvin makes no claim to performance art
in its polished form. In the last decade,
gauvin has performed at Art City, Zoey’s Cafe,
Cafe Voltaire, Natalie’s Fine Threads,
Ventura Bookstore, Spork Orbit, the Art Gulag,
Plexus Dance Studio and Ventura College, to
name a few venues. Being edgy in a nascent art
scene, gauvin delivered many performances
including “Crime of Passion” and “He Wouldn’t
Kiss Me.” You can see him perform these days
at The Artist's Union Gallery on an occasional
Tuesday night when he decides to wonder in
and grace us with his presence.

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