Monday, June 20, 2011

Presenting John Gentry

John Gentry is a Tuesday night regular since 1998. He is what is known as a

rhyming poet. His themes vary from things from the past, cowboy and crime, and humor. Here is a poem from Mr. Gentry entitled Cowboy Movies:

I was a cowboy movie kid In nineteen fifty-one.The movie house was a darkened school Where I learned how the west was won.Tuition was only fifty cents, And a popcorn lunch was a dime.I watched every lecture from reel to reel And gave no thought to the time.There weren't any bells and no homework, And nobody made you stay.My teachers were Hop-A-Long, Roy and Gene At the Saturday Matinee.They taught me the ways of the mountain men, The beaver and the wagon trains,And the cruel barbed wire, the John Deere Plow, And the buffalo on the plains.I heard the bugles at the Little Big Horn Where the arrows and the bullets flew;The tribal tongues I understood-- The Commanche, the Crow and the Sioux.The gunplay in the streets I saw, Where the roar of a forty-fourA hair's breadth quicker than someone else Would settle a personal score.The Homestead Act, the range wars, The pioneer endeavor;I heard the words of great Chief Joseph: "I will fight no more for ever."Of books on the West, I hardly read any, 'Cause most of what I know,I learned in the dark at the Roxy Theater In Lewiston, Idaho.

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