Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presenting Phil Taggart

Phil Taggart is our beloved leader of the Tuesday Night Poets.

He is poetry curator at the Artists Union Gallery in Ventura and from 1991 through the present, started and ran several poetry readings in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Camarillo, including: Ventura: The Insomniac, Nicholby's, Cafe Voltaire, The Daily Grind, The Art Gulag at the Plaza Players Theater, Art City 2 and co-directed The Ventura Poetry Festival. Santa Barbara: The

Green Dragon, The Perch Gallery and the Santa Barbara Poetry Series at the Contemporary Arts Forum. He's producing and compiling poets reading on video through the ASKEW video/poetry project and was editor of ARTLIFE

from 1996 to 2005.Publishing credits include: SOLO, Brick, rivertalk, Sirens Silence, ZamBomba, sicviceverse, San Gabriel Valley Quarterly, F.T.S., Lummox Journal,

Voce Piena, So Luminous the Wildflowers and on a t-shirt for Café Voltaire.

His book of poetry, Opium Wars, was published by Mille Grazie Press.

Here is a few of his poems:

for Kathleen

It is your birthday dear sister

today the labor of you began our mother

crazy Norwalk crazy she divines a miracle

and somehow islost in its darkeninglens

the chafe separates and the grain is

luminanta pearl is irritatedand arrives in

flannelwith red stars set deep in denim you madness

and deathhas taken our siblings the shame a codex that

weaves around us binding what amess you a mania quirky

quick brilliant and driven a flurry a Darwinian resolverooted

in a dinnerparty and a consciousnessarriving just in time we

are familyand scarred and standing on feetthat hurt and

losecirculation we buzzoutside and hurryalong busy and regretfuland

half a state awaywe gray we remember I think ofyou today and

most days happy that you are and we are.

If You Lived Here

it's Easter ina city of angels
detached angels transient angelsdancing on pins forgetful
prostrate to the ephemeralwith nails gripping earth
it's all possible here
a state of culture a dreambuilds monuments in ether
does anyone really live here?
a sign off the 101in Hollywood says,
if you lived hereyou'd be homeless

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