Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuesday at the Artist's Union Gallery

John Gentry will be featured at the Artist's Union Gallery Tuesday, June 21 2011.

Here's a sample of his poetry:

Cowboy Slam
Well, I rode through the west just to have a look For myself at a cowboy's lifeOn the open range where the wind blows free And the lonesome trail is rifeWith the perils of the desert sun by day And rovin' wolves by night,In wild harm's way of the hoof and the horn And the quick sidewinder's bite.And I watched him rise at the streak of dawn And blaze a small campfireFor bacon and beans and a black joe pot Hangin' by a twist o' wire.A little white smoke rose up in the air From the cowchip fire he'd made,And he saddled a pony with a stockin' foot As the dawn began to fade.Then double-checkin' the cinch and the reins, He swung up on that bay,And twelve hard mile he'd ride, or more Before the end of day.And I wrote down all I larned on a pad Of a cowboy's life out west--From his wrangler ways to the ring of his spurs And the leather fringe on his vest.Then I worked for a week on yarns and rhymes, Which I finished one afternoon,And brought 'em down to the Cowboy Slam At the Buckaroo Saloon.But I wondered some if the real cowboys Would cotten to my prose,Or my cowboy poems and stories when I Weren't wearin' any cowboy clothes.But up I went in my city duds When they called my name at last,And I spun 'em a yarn of the trail in rhyme Of old cowboys from the past.And as they twirled their mustachios They listened with squinted eyes,Then roped, hog-tied and branded me And told me I'd won first prize.

John Gentry is a retired school teacher who lives in Ventura, California.

Here's John on Youtube

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