Saturday, June 25, 2011

Voices from the past: Roni*

Roni, a one time active member of the Tuesday
Night Poets writes poetry and enjoys other
people's poetry, too. See her poem below.
Roni*s formal training includes a BA in Italian
(University of California Santa Barbara, 1989),
a Masters degree in Speech Communication
California State University Northridge, 1993),
a Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate (with Dr.
Kataria, 2006) and a Laughter Yoga Teacher
Certificate (with Dr. Kataria, 2007). Roni*
presently teaches Hasya (Laughter) Yoga,*
Hatha (asana practice) Yoga,* and Conversational
Italian (as a private tutor).

Now here's a poem from Roni that I promised
entitled Electric Rain:

Hot, stillborn air, flashes of light slicing the
sky leave bright etchings scratched on my mind.
Waiting breathlessly for the next display, my eyes

beg for morefrom the dark heavy clouds.
"Bring me Enlightenment!" I plead.
"Come set my bones on fire;Electric Rain,

ignite my soul."
Not hiding under the eves of tomorrow,

I lay my body down in the grassy field,
wet and waiting to be struckby white flashes of passion.
Kill me.
But let me die living well.

Roni is on the radio, here's a link:

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