Thursday, June 23, 2011

Voices from the past: Scott Struman

Scott Struman is a college-educated dishwasher.
He has been a member of Joan Raymund’s poetry
workshop in Ojai for several years, and has
had poems published in Rivertalk, The Northridge
Review, ARTLIFE, Poetry Motel, The Santa Barbara
Independent, and Many Mountains Moving.

Here is a poem from Scott entitled Judgement

Christmas eve party.
Family gathering adjourns
to the ice cream store
with Mom and Dad.

Also cousin Steve, twice my age.
Brags to me about sleeping
with his girlfriend.
Too loudly I ask him
"Do you see her naked?"

Customers at Baskin-Robbins
castrate me with their glares.
Ice cream store owner
demands my departure
from a childhood paradise.

Not an ounce of sympathy
shows on faces of the jury.
My irate mom calls me
"a filthy dirty animal."
Dad snaps his whipping belt.

Here is Scott reading his

poem The Joy of checks on youtube:

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