Monday, July 18, 2011

Presenting Howard Smith

Howard Smith will be featured reader at the
Artist's Union Gallery tomorrow, Tuesday July 18, 2011.
Here is a sample poem from Howard's pen:

I was debating with the wall, which was
dead-on maddening, when it talked back
and won.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It’s a high crime night tonight
The moon is frozen still
Boredom was on, it had killed everything around me
While sleepers had beautiful dreams
Boredom weaved through me
It didn’t speak
It demanded nothing from me
Wherever I went it was there
I threatened it and all it did was grin
I took it for long walks in the moonlight
It dragged it’s ass
It stood absolutely still with it’s ears cocked
His feet planted firm
It’s eyes blinked
And every thought in my head disappeared.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman: Suzanne Frost

Suzanne Frost will be featured tomorrow at the Artist's
Union Gallery on Tuesday July fifth 2011.
Here's a poem or two by Ms. Frost:

The pull to go,
to retreat, not to fight or stay―

Arjuna's war, what is too much, too far
to serve?
Can I lift these limbs 
to the peak of this moment,
see pastmy confusion:am I clear of avoidance, fear, 

and the deceit of memory? 

Watching myself and the crowd drink our sorrows
as moments pass―at least we're watching.

More on Ken

Another poem by Ken Wienchus

Hope for the Future (published in Askew)

E.T came by last night
Home he said pointing up toward the ceiling
I picked him up, tucked him under my arm
and walked up the stairs to the attic,
I opened the door, threw him in, slam the door shut,
and locked it not hearing any signs of protest
I went downstairs and turned on the TV
and watched a rerun of All in the Family.