Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance
between them. -- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Monday, August 12, 2013

Future readings

The series is every Thursday:
EXCEPT the fourth Thursday of the month
future features
August  22 NO READING
August  29 OPeN MIC
September 5    Lisa Coffman
September 12  Shelba Cole Robison
September 19  Michael C Ford
September 26  NO READING
October   3  John Slade presents Walt Whitman
October 10  Jim Natal
October 17  Patricia Barone
October  24 NO READING
October  31 NO READING

Present the new Friday Night poets

 The Friday Night poets previously the 
Tuesday Night poets have moved
to the E.P. Foster Library. We met
every Friday, but the fourth
Friday of the week. We are still gathering 
at 7:30 PM ending at 9:00 PM. Come join us.

Sad news

Our friend, Ken Wienchus has suffered a
dear loss. His father has passed away in
his sleep at the age of ninety-eight. 
Please feel free to contact Ken at his
home or send a card. Here is ken reading
his poem Hope for the Future at the Artist
Union gallery in Ventura, CA around 2010.

My hand is a poem

Sometimes I dream about my hand
the creased of its palm
red and raw.

I dream about my hand:

a scattering of fingers,
warm and capable, red
life streaming through 
its veins, 
aching to be held.

I dream about my hand
holding stars in place,
capturing them at length
holding the whirl of brilliance
that screams through the shadows 
of my fist.

I dream they are 

soft as feathers,
warm to the touch.
I feel its passion.

This hand is a whisper, delicate,

I dream of it often.
This hand, hand.
My hand is a poem.

Presenting Joyce Le Mers update

Joyce is more alert and is responding
to yes & no questions.  She still cannot talk. 
She is pondering her next decision;
return home with Rehab
or return home with Hospice.
Joyce cannot use her right arm and all
her liquids must be thickened with
"thick-it" to prevent aspiration. 
Please keep Joyce in your thoughts. 
No visitors. 
Cards sent to the house welcome:
Joyce La Mers
2514 GreenCastle Court,
Oxnard 93035