Sunday, September 8, 2013

Presenting Larry Colker

 Larry Colker spent his formative years in Huntington, WV. 
He was a teacher for a dozen years, from preschool through university, 
before he switched to technical writing, editing and training. His 
poems have appeared in The Sun, The Los Angeles Review, RATTLE, 
Brickbat Revue, Spillway, ONTHEBUS, Solo, Pearl, Cider Press 
Review, Blue Satellite and elsewhere in print; online at The
Cortland Review, King Log, nthposition, poeticdiversity and 
Poetry Super Highway; and in anthologies from Tebot Bach, 
Valley Contemporary Poets, Arroyo Arts Collective, poeticdiversity,
and The Little Joy Open Mic. In 2003 he published his chapbook 
What the Lizard Knows: New and Selected Poems. In 2005 his
poem "The Caterpillars" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 
In 2006 he and poet/photographer/artist  Danielle Grilli published a joint chapbook, Hunger Crossing. He was the 2006 poetry winner of the
California Writers Exchange contest sponsored by Poets & Writers,
Inc. He resides in San Pedro, CA.


The warning bell clangs
at the railroad crossing
between his farm and town
as four locomotives
and a hundred boxcars
plow across his path.

He waits in his truck.
The orange soda in his hand still effervesces,
the color of sunlit ocean in a travel brochure.

He imagines the boxcars full of excelsior
bound for cities
where there is much to put in boxes,
much to cushion from shock,
much to send to distant loved ones.

When the gate rises
the soda is flat.
He pushes on,
crossing the tracks.

© 1998 Larry Colker

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