Saturday, September 7, 2013

San Gabriel Valley Quarterly

This poem will be in the San Gabriel Valley Quarterly this month. 
Thanks, Don Campbell.

Thinking of Makala Again

There will always be moments
      in my life

When my days get derailed
      thinking about Makala

Wondering where she is,
      if she thinks of me

There are always places
      where I see her 

a gentle winter rain that opens 
      into vistas of skies filled 
      with clouds

a soft light over foreign 

New York in her springtime
      Makala walking 
      on damp sidewalks
      littered with bright 
      yellow flowers

I feel her presence on hot 
      August days when I 
      feel calm breath of summer air
      from the window frame

The seasons the heart remembers

      How I miss her.

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